About Lauren Hilou, Practice Manager, RDH 

Lauren has always had a passion for oral health and healthy smiles. And shares the same dental  treatment philosophy with primary focus education and preventative care. She works hand in  hand with both doctors to help patients achieve their comprehensive treatment plans. As the Practice Manager at Uno Dental San Francisco, Lauren oversees all clinical and administrative  roles ensuring Uno Dentals’ patients receive the best dental care. Lauren values high levels of  communication, providing Uno Dental’s patients best experience. As a registered dental  hygienist, her background drives her passion for dentistry as her clinical interest in preventing  periodontal disease. Lauren considers oral health directly reflects overall health, and most  importantly, the link between oral health and systemic diseases interests her the most about  dentistry. Her goal at Uno is to help as many patients transform their smiles and provide them  with an overall healthier and happier life! 


After falling in love with dentistry, Lauren completed her Bachelor of Science degree in dental  hygiene. Graduating at the top of her class. However, her passion for learning didn’t stop there,  as she pursued her second bachelor’s in health and Wellness. Lauren is a licensed and registered  dental hygienist in the U.S. by the Dental Hygiene Board of Colorado. Additionally, Lauren  completed extensive training as a HIPAA and OSHA compliance officer. Lauren’s passion for  continuing education is evident with many registered hours of continuing education. Ensuring  her teaching is continuously updated with the latest dental hygiene science offers.  

Lauren shares a passion for yoga and loves to travel outside of work. In her years as a clinical  hygienist, she treated her patients as if they were her own family. Lauren loves to travel, try new  cuisine, and hike whenever possible in her free time. Lauren’s joy is when connecting with  people and bringing laughter and love to someone’s day.