Why Choose Uno Dental?

San Francisco

Dedicated Time and One-On-One with Dr. Amjad Kandar

Dr. Amjad Kandar provides all his patients with his undivided attention. Dr. Kandar’s extensive (often 1 hour) appointments are dedicated to your concerns first and for most. Along with Dr. Kandar’s comprehensive evaluation of all your oral and dental anatomy, all while documenting with intra-oral pictures of each tooth, with a detailed-oriented approach explaining each presented option. Dr. Amjad Kandar’s goal is to offer each option’s risks and benefits, empowering you with facts and confidence when making your dental decisions. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach as Dr. Kandar refrains from dictatorship and values the autonomy of your choices for your dental health and treatments. Dr. Kandar’s mission is to present all the resources at your disposal to empower your best decision for your health.

Trusted Dental Team Powered by Experienced Licensed Professionals

We pride ourselves on earning your trust and developing it over the years as you continue your dental journey. We invite you to witness our boutique experience, where our patient is our north star. Ensuring each patient is listened to and their concerns addressed by Dr. Amjad Kandar were
praised by many great reviews, awards, and loving patients. Dr. Amjad Kandar and his team have an unparalleled passion for what they do every day, all of which are helping patients achieve their ultimate dental and oral health. And provide them a long last-lasting smile at every experience using the most gentle, comfortable, and delicate way. Dr. Amjad Kandar’s almost 15 years’ worth of experience as one of the few dentists holding dual DDS degrees with a passion for cosmetic dentistry. With a range of affiliations from the American Dental Association (ADA), California Dental Association (CDA), and San Francisco Dental Society (SFDS) American Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD). It is a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE). He’s also a top Invisalign Provider. He enjoys lecturing internationally and domestically as
a trusted expert in his field. He values his caring and gentle approach above all while striving to provide his patients the ultimate dental experience empowering their dental health and cosmetic decisions. Dr. Kandar’s dental team is steadfast to provide comfortable dental care, something only an experienced team can offer, with excellent, clear communication skills that value transparency and integrity above all, ensuring a caring experience at every encounter.

Comprehensive Minimalist Treatment Philosophy and Superior Dental Service

Our patients are and remain our northern star; we believe in empowering our patients and involving them every step of the way. Allowing for superior, efficient, transparent service that respects your time and resources. Our patients hold the final treatment decisions, and our mission is to facilitate their dental wishes no matter what. We also pride ourselves on leading a unique treatment philosophy that challenges the mainstream approach as all our treatment is performed with a minimally invasive procedure. Our dental approach values the priceless tooth structure by treating the fewest teeth possible and leaving the healthy tooth structure intact. This philosophy is only achieved by tackling the issue’s root problem rather than a patch-and-fill approach. Whether you wish to have a smile makeover or fix a single tooth, we are steadfast on our minimalist philosophy by utilizing the latest innovations in dental treatment.

State-of-the-Art Dental Practice

Our minimalist approach and treatment philosophy are only possible using a wide range of state of-the-art equipment that powers our dental office. Utilizing the best and latest diagnostic tools, digital x-rays radiographs with 95% less radiation when compared to traditional x-rays, with 100x magnification allowing for accurate and precise diagnosis. Furthermore, we are the only among few other offices in San Francisco utilizing the Near Infrared Imaging (NIRI), which serves as a valuable diagnostic aid in the early detection of interproximal caries and cavities. Also, our specialized intra-oral cameras provide the ultimate communication tool to help explain and showcase to our patients exactly where the problem lies in their mouths. Moreover, we utilize digital impressions, which serve greater accuracy, comfort, and efficiency to your appointment without needing to use the outdated gooey impression material disdained by many patients due to the taste of chemicals and infamous gag-reflex. Finally, our office is 100% is paperless and digital; all your dental records and x-rays are housed digitally and secured with a 24/7 professional monitoring service ensuring your professional-grade privacy and security.

Second Opinion Consultations

We often consult patients seeking a second dental opinion consultation in many instances, especially when patients are recommended treatment by dentists who usually do not share our minimalist treatment philosophy. At UNO DENTAL, our priority is our minimally invasive treatment approach to conserve tooth structure that’s priceless and irreplaceable by any material despite the advancement in dental materials. Here at Uno Dental, we welcome all patients that may have legitimate concerns or hesitations before proceeding with any dentist performing extensive and, in most cases, avoidable drilling into your teeth.

Why do Second Opinions Consultations matter?

We often seek many opinions before making drastic decisions in many life cases, and oral and dental treatment is no different. We recommend you seek one when you are unsure whether the work and investment are necessary. Another reason for the amount of dental treatment recommended might be another red flag. Furthermore, whether you have just moved to the city or still haven’t developed trust with your current provider, a second opinion is ultimately the most brilliant move. At Uno Dental San Francisco, your second opinion consultation by San Francisco’s premier cosmetic dentist Dr. Amjad Kandar is free of cost. We only ask that you’d furnish us with the appropriate and most recent records of your last dental visits.

What to expect from your Second Opinion Consultation?

Our comprehensive second opinion consultations are hour-long, with your dental team led by Dr. Kandar. Including discussing your area of concern, reviewing and interpreting your most recent x-rays, and taking additional focused intra-oral pictures of the area of concern, oral examination, detailed diagnosis, presenting multiple customs and personalized options, all while weighing in the benefits and risks of each treatment modality and its respective timeline. Finally, our clear estimate policy encompasses all your recommendations along with the appropriate fees necessary to move into the next phase of your treatment.

An overview of benefits for your Second Opinion Consultation

Let Dr. Amjad Kandar share his knowledge and patient education. Moreover, enjoy the benefits extended to you by having Dr. Kandar confirm your dental treatment or suggest other modalities. Such an alternative option maybe be of interest to you, discuss those various treatment options, and potentially save your priceless resources and investment of your time and finances. These benefits can save you valuable resources and time spent where matters. And let Dr. Kandar provide the peace of mind you deserve before making drastic decisions. Dr. Kandar’s treatment philosophy focuses on saving the most valuable tooth structure and addressing your dental health at the root of the issue rather than a patch-and-fill approach. Our second opinion consultations provide confidence in your choice, based on a holistic approach empowering you with all the information to make an informed and healthy decision.

Schedule Your Second Opinion Consultation Today!

In summary, whether you were surprised by the amount of recommended dental treatment at your last visit with your previous provider, expensive dental treatment, numerous cavities, or replacing old silver restorations. Then, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your Second-Opinion consultation with San Francisco’s most respected name in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Amjad Kandar. You deserve a comprehensive minimalist approach based on facts empowering your oral and dental decisions without a “sales” pitch. You book your second opinion consultation conveniently online. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to give us a call.