Meet The Team

San Francisco


Dr. Kandar enjoys the problem-solving aspect of dentistry and takes great pride in helping his patients achieve and maintain their optimal oral health. His treatment philosophy is patient-focused, with a strong emphasis on education and preventative care. Dr. Kandar was first introduced to dentistry through his uncle’s dental office, which he frequently visited as a child with his twin brother Mak. 

After earning his B.D.S in 2011 at the International University of Science and Technology Faculty of Dentistry in Damascus, Syria, he opened his practice. He treated patients for six years before moving to Oklahoma City, OK, to pursue his D.D.S. at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. He moved to San Francisco in June of 2020 to be closer to his brother, who is currently finishing an advanced degree in dentistry at UCSF. 

In August of 2020, Dr. Kandar and Dr. Mak opened UNO DENTAL SAN FRANCISCO, which represents the cumulation of their hard work, experience, and the realization of their long-shared dream of working together in their own practice. Dr. Kandar shares a firm belief with his brother giving back to the San Francisco community and investing in their chosen place they call home. Dr. Kandar, in his free time, enjoys being a hardcore soccer fan, watching and playing his favorite sport; additionally, he loves spending time with family and friends, exploring new parts of the world, and the food scene around San Francisco.

DR. Mak

Dr. Mak shares the same principles as Dr. Kandar whether it’s helping his patients maintain their optimal oral health, firmly remaining patient-focused, emphasizing the importance of oral health education, and investing in preventative care. Dr. Mak earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2013 at the Beirut Arab University in Beirut, Lebanon. 

After practicing for a few years, Dr. Mak moved to San Francisco, California. He’s currently pursuing an advanced dental program at the University of California in San Francisco UCSF, School of Dentistry, to earn his second dental degree (DDS). 

He joined forces with his brother, Dr. Kandar at their practice in August of 2020. Dr. Mak and Dr. Kandar embarked on this journey to open their own office, UNO DENTAL SAN FRANCISCO, in the heart of the financial district, which he’s eager to join as a full-time dentist in early 2022. Dr. Mak and Dr. Kandar consider San Francisco to be their home, and investing in the SF community was the natural next step. Dr. Mak enjoys traveling, culture, swimming, and hiking in his free time and always celebrates the foodie in him.

Anna , Registered Dental Hygienist

Anna has always had a passion for oral health and a great smile. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto in Canada, where she was born and raised. 

After falling in love with dentistry, she graduated top of her dental hygiene class and then completed a Master’s of Health Studies with an Adult Education Specialty. Outside of work, she is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor and loves to travel, having visited over 100 countries to date. You may catch her Canadian “eh!” appear at your next hygiene visit!

Lola , Registered Dental Assistant

Lola is a registered dental assistant with over 25 years of experience in the industry. She is committed to furthering her education and staying up-to-date with the dental field. Lola is certified as an oral surgery assistant.

Lola is very passionate about the dental health of her patients and is a firm believer in connecting with them. Connecting with patients is the number one reason Lola loves her job. The opportunity to interact and make people feel better is a joy Lola takes pride in. She is extremely aware of patients with Dental Tears and allows them to leave the office with ease and a smile on their face. Outside of work she enjoys gardening, binging Netflix K dramas, and cooking.